Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Need To Bloooooggg

I met a "bride to be" on the second night I was at the Craft Fair. She wanted to buy her wedding jewelry and the jewelry for her bridesmaids from me. She was all excited, and so was I. It would have been a "huge" sale. Then, she did not return for several weeks and I thought she was never coming back. Then 2 weeks ago she showed up at my booth!! We made an appointment to meet at her house on Sunday. I brought my sterling silver jewelry and she had her bridesmaids there. She did not buy her "wedding jewelry" from me, but she did buy the bridesmaids bracelets and earrings from me! Then her and two of her friends bought 3 of my new design "Centipede" bracelets!! And another gal bought another bracelet I had brought! The bride and her bridesmaids were such nice people. I had such a good time.

The jewelry that the bride is going to wear is very sparkly and pretty! She showed me her dress and she is going to be a gorgeous bride!!


Anonymous said...

That's really exciting! Congrats!

I know one of the really fun parts of my wedding was getting to create my jewelry and the jewelry my bridesmaids wore :)

TheScrabbleGal said...

I'm sure you're busy...any more updates?! :)

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