Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crystal Centipede

This latest creation is similar to the Centipede. It is made from Jeweler's Brass and 6mm Capri Swarovski Crystals. Isn't it beautiful? I am in the process of making another one using Light Rose Crystals. I can't wait until it is done!

There was no craft fair last Friday night. My honey had to work and I had to take care of Miss Gizmo. She is usually pretty good about the fireworks but sometimes they scare her. I really missed not being at the craft fair. I always meet really nice people. We are starting to get repeat customers!

The bride really loved the earrings and bracelet that I made for her bride's maids. I will meet with her on Friday to finalize the details of her order. She is not sure if she is having 6 or 8 bride's maids. And I can't make the bracelets without the correct sizes. I custom make all my jewelry to my clients specifications.

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