Monday, October 19, 2009

Spread The LOVE!

I belong to a fabulous Etsy Team called The Handmade Artists Forum or HAF Team for short! Each day we promote a shop. Here is the list for the week of October 19th thru the 25th. Please visit each shop, peruse all the items in their shop, and be sure to heart all the items you love in the shop!

Monday, October 26
Tuesday, October 27
Wednesday, October 28
Thursday, October 29
Friday, October 30
Saturday, October 31
Sunday, November 1

Thanks everybody for your love and support!!!!


Mandi and Maddi said...

Thanks for doing the extra links for the upcoming 'spread the love' i get a little lost on this forum where can i go for more details?

The ChainMaille Lady said...

You are very welcome! :)

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