Thursday, September 17, 2009

The San Francisco Bead & Design Show

Just signed up to be a vendor at The San Francisco Bead & Design Show November 20-21, 2009. The show is at the historic Hotel Whitcome on Market Street. I am really excited about this show. It will be the first time doing a show in Northern California. I will be selling as well as teaching chainmaille. The three classes I will be teaching are, the European 4-in-1 Bracelet, Spine Of The Centipede Bracelet, and Daisy Flower Bracelet. On my website under "Sections in this shop" you will see a section for San Francisco Bead & Design Show. Click on the link and you will see a list of my classes. You will see 6 listing. There are two listings for each class. One listing is for the class fee and a sterlng silver kit, and the other listing is for the class fee and a copper kit. You can register for a class right from my website!! Space is limited to 7 students per class, so don't delay, sign up today!! :)

If you would like more information about my classes you can email me at

1 comment:

LemurQueen said...

WOW! Congrats Lauren! I hope you do SUPER at the S.F. show....Your stuff is great/ I know you will! Don't forget your rosey pens & clipboard! :) LOL

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