Friday, August 15, 2008

I Got My Computer Back!!

We were without our computer for almost the whole week! Talk about withdrawals!! You don't know how necessary it is until it's gone. I have a laptop but our Internet service is thru cable which does not plug into our very old laptop. So it was pretty much useless. Our computer caught a virus. It's a "virus checker" that is a virus! The screen says that you have numerous potential errors on your computer and that you must download this "virus cleaner" to repair your computer. When you begin to download the program, you have infected your computer!! The program even has one of those shields that you see on the anti virus programs.

It is impossible to run a business on the Internet without the Internet! I took my computer to a repair place a block from my house. The place is fantastic! Only $75 to clean up my computer. We did not loose any data. The best thing is this repair shop is also an Internet cafe. So I spent a lot of time there trying to run my business.

The name of the business is First Step Computer in Covina. They are wonderful!!

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