Monday, May 16, 2016

Did You Know? (May2016)

Did you know that "Did You Know" will be a series of blogs about chainmaille?  I attempted this blog series several years ago.  I posted a couple of blogs and then got so busy creating, writing and inventing that I stopped writing the series.  My plan is to write about what I found helpful and fascinating about my chainmaille journey.  Such things as how chainmaille got it's start, how chainmaille had developed into jewelry today, how to determine what size jump rings you need for different weaves, how to calculate aspect ratio.  Some articles may be lengthy but most will be short and to the point.

I very much welcome feedback and comments about my articles/blogs. This will enable me to talk about what you want to know about chainmaille.

The articles/blogs will be published here every other month (hopefully).

This will also be a way to answer the many questions I receive about my chainmaille and chainmaille in general. 

I hope you will enjoy this series and will share it with your friends and neighbors!

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