Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What To Do With Those Left Over Rings

Why not make a simple yet elegant necklace. Better yet, make to and make a pair of earrings!

What you need to make one of these cute little whirly gigs:

2 (A) 18gauge 9/64” Artistic
Wire® Chain Maille Jump Rings
6 (B) 18gauge 7/32” Artistic Wire® Chain Maille Jump Rings
1 (C) 18gauge 11/64” Artistic Wire® Chain Maille Jump Rings
1 (D) 18gauge 3/32” Artistic Wire® Chain Maille Jump Rings
6 6mm pearls, I used Swarvoski™ pearls
1 8” piece of .015mm Wild Fire™ beading thread, I used Frost
Beadalon® Bead Stringing Glue
A chain or a pair of ear wires
Bead buddy – optional

1) Close the six (B) rings
2) Open the two (A) rings
3) With an open (A) ring, scoop up all six of the (B) rings, close the (A) ring
4) Repeat step 3 with the second (A) ring
5) Place a bead stopper at one end of the beading wire
6) Thread the other end of the wire through any of the six (B) rings
7) Thread a 6mm pearl onto the beading wire
8) Thread the beading wire through the next (B) ring
9) Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all the pearls have been added to the thread
10) Make sure both ends of the beading thread are protruding from the same space, tie a surgeons’ knot with the beading wire
11) Place a dab of bead stringing glue onto the knot, let the glue dry
12) When the glue is dry, cut the ends as close to the knot as possible without cutting the knot!
13) With an open (D) ring scoop up any one of the (B) rings, close ring
14) With an open (C) ring scoop up the (D) ring added in step 13
15) Thread the chain through the (C) ring


Linda B said...

Neat tutorial. Thanks.

Simona said...

I love your jewelry!
I'm an italian girl, I love chainmaille and I show my creations on my blog!
I would like you to come and visit my blog: www.creativiperpassione.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I'm unable to find artistic wire jump rings that are 18 ga 3/32". Is there another size that will work for the pattern above? Thanks so much for the help. Love the flowers!

Anonymous said...

You can make jump rings fom the wire

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial and I love the jewelry. Is there any way this could be done using pictures as well because I am a visual person and would understand it better if I could see the practical side being done.

Sabariah Abdul Mutalib said...

Hi. I love your design. Could you do a YouTube video for it? And where can I buy the wiring online? Live in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I love this design but it it possible to have pictures or a tutorial video as I'm visual and understand pictures and thing better. Thank you

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