Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tucson Arizona Bead Show

I recently attended some of the bead shows in Arizona. I was surprised at just how crowded they were! I figured with the recession and all that the shows would be slow. Not only were the shows crowded but there was money changing hands!

I suppose that even in a recession people still appreciate handmade items. There were what I would call an excessive amount of "general bead dealers", people who did not hand make their beads but rather purchased them just to resell them. But nestled in with the "general bead dealers" were so absolutely fabulous bead makers. I met Bridget Beck of Emeral Artistry from Dayton Ohio. She makes the cutest glass beads. A lot of her beads are cute little animals, frogs and such, but she can also make a bead from a picture of your dog! How great is that! Bridget's email address is

Kim Fox, award winning designer of unique clasps and such was also there. Her designs can be found at I had met her previously at the Pasadena Bead & Design Show and bought several clasps that I have incorporated into my chainmaille jewelry.

We also met Judy Peterson who makes gorgeous free-standing wooden jigsaw puzzles from exotic woods. We bought on of her books so hubby could practice his scroll saw skills. Judy's website email is

If you do happen to contact any of these people, please let them know that you found them on my blogspot. Thanks! :)

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Total Delights said...

I am totally green with envy, I would love to go to the shows, But I will someday. But till then I am glad that you shared a little of it.

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