Friday, February 27, 2009

My Day At The Gem Fair

Went to the Gem Faire today in Costa Mesa, California. I went as a wholesaler but was really there to scope out the show. I'm thinking of doing the show May 8, 9, &10. Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised. We got there around 10am, not alot of people but it was only open to wholesalers until noon. At noon the general public were welcome. There were bead sellers, rock and mineral sellers and some beautiful jewelry being sold. I thought it was going to be all beads and component sellers, not that that's bad, but like to see a variety when I go to a show. And if I'm going to sell at the Gem Faire in May, I had to scope out the competition. Unfortunately there are already two chainmaille artists there but their main focus in on classes and I of course have gorgeous finished chainmaille!!! I teach classes also, but at this time I mainly sell finished chainmaille. Did I tell you that the chainmaille I make is gorgeous?

Around 12:30pm I looked around and the place was packed!!! So many buyers, you could hardly get near a booth! And, they were buying merchandise!! People were buying alot of finished jewelry as well as components and beads. I guess I better get off my dead a@@ and submit my application before all the spaces are taken!!



Shell Mitchell said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! I bet you'd do fantastic at the May show.

Grandma said...

Your work is exquisite, a joy to behold.

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