Friday, June 13, 2008

She's Got Me Trained!!

For the last couple of days we have been out of carrots, Miss Gizmo's used to be favorite treat. We would put carrots in her kong toy, throw it, she would chase it, eat the carrots, and take a nap. Life was good. Then we ran out of carrots. I made the mistake of filling her kong toy up with her soft food. Now we fill up her kong with soft food, throw it, she chases it, eats the food, brings the kong back and throws it at you until you give her more food. That was cute for a couple of days. Then we bought carrots. We put carrots in her kong, throw it, she chases it, picks it up and throws it at us until we fill it with soft food!! She's driving me kookoo. Now carrots are not good enough for her, she has to have soft food to dig out of her little pink kong! The moral of the story is...if you run out of carrots, immediately drop everything you are doing, run to the store and BUY MORE CARROTS!

I hope this made you smile.....

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