Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm In A Etsy Treasury!

I am so ETSY Shop is included in it's first ever Treasury!!! It's a shock to be scrolling thru the Treasury and stumble upon your own Shop! I danced around the house, with Miss Gizmo in tow, grabbed my hubby and showed him. He is so proud and supportive!! Now I'm trying to get the picture of the Treasury Page to show up on this blog. Does anyone out there know how this is done?

Thank you.....I have to go finish an 18" Turkish Round Necklace for a client.


Anonymous said...

You could try taking a screen shot and then editing it so that it only shows the treasury and is small enough to fit in this blog. You could also post a link to the treasury. If you need more help than that...send me a message and I could probably do it for you :)

It'll take me a few hours to respond though...I need to go take a final.


rachelmira said...

I'm so glad you're in that treasury! Your work really makes the treasury extra wonderful. And hopefully now you'll get to be in a lot more!

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