Monday, June 2, 2008

First Blog!!

Hello Everyone!!

This is my first blog ever!! I hope you find my ramblings interesting. First, a bit about me. I have a website at ETSY which features my handmade chainmaille jewelry. (See Links)

I have a booth at the Covina Crafters Fair every Friday night from 5pm - 9pm. There's always a new band, good food, rides for the kids, and a Farmer's Market.

I have a chihuahua/min pin puppy named Miss Gizmo. She has been mistaken for a deer because of her fawn colored hair. She is not you typical chihuahua, she doesn't bark all the time. We take her to the Fair and she never barks!! Even at other dogs!!

I have been weaving sterling silver into chainmaille for about 3 years. I was first introduced to chainmaille by Spiderchain. She was featured on a jewelry tv show. I went to her website and bought both her DVDs and have been hooked ever since!! In a former life I was an accountant and finance manager so I suppose numbers and counting just come naturally to me. Spider's DVD's make chainmaille so easy to learn.

My honey sell's his handmade boxes at the Fair. He starts out with raw wood and constructs hingless boxes. He then burns a picture of something along with people's names onto the box. He has sold quite a few.....especially custom made ones.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!!

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